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for an Evolving World

MWH is suited to meet the worlds, and our clients’, energy generation demands and delivery needs. Our energy experts increase efficiency, ensure reliability and provide sustainable solutions for our clients. We understand that energy requirements vary around the world, and are proud to bring power to developing communities.

The foundation of our energy and sustainable wet infrastructure expertise stems from more than 100 years of planning, design, program and construction management, and responsible design and development of conventional and pumped storage hydropower facilities. By tapping into the tremendous renewable energy potential of the world’s waters, MWH has helped power 25 million homes through new facilities, as well as applying the most current techniques for project rehabilitation, retrofit and upgrade.

MWH also has an established track record of delivering a wide range of energy efficient solutions and innovative renewable energy engineering projects, including solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy. We develop and execute science- and technology-based solutions, programs and tools to promote solutions to balance economic, environmental and societal needs through the full lifecycle of a project. Our wide-range of clean energy and sustainability services and energy management and planning capabilities are designed to improve efficiencies and reduce cost and risk by optimizing the use of energy, minimizing waste and harnessing available financial incentives for sustainable practices.


Examples of how MWH is meeting client needs and leading the way in the energy industry include:

  • Planning, design and operation of some of the world’s largest and most complex hydropower engineering projects at the time of construction, including Tekeze Arch Dam, the tallest dam on the African continent, and one of the world’s largest concrete-lined canal  as part of the Ghazi Barotha Hydropower project in Pakistan.
  • Designing more than 120 new hydroelectric projects, and more than 300 rehabilitation projects, with a total installed capacity of 70,000 megawatts.
  • Planning, design and upgrade of multiple pumped storage projects ranging in capacity from 40 to more than 2,000 megawatts, including the largest project in the world – the 2,772 MW Bath County project in Virginia, U.S. – and the most recent utility-scale project constructed in the United States, the Rocky Mountain project in Georgia, U.S.
  • Tailoring solutions that add value, are more environmentally-friendly, and often deliver significant cost savings to our clients through a comprehensive range of energy services.
  • Providing project and program management support to energy industries, including nuclear and energy transmission, which require sound technical expertise and sustainable solutions.
  • Offering power delivery services, including the interconnection of more than 70,000 megawatts of power to power grids in 33 countries on five continents.
  • Providing design and construction services for a 10MWe renewable energy waste wood gasification plant for Birmingham Bio-Power in the United Kingdom, project part funded by the UK Government’s Green Investment Bank.
  • Providing low-carbon and no-carbon solutions for clients and international institutions such as the European Commission and the World Bank, and industry organizations including the United Kingdom Water Industry Research and the American Water Works Association.
  • Leading industrial and governmental energy efficiency projects including support for multi-national corporations in developing and implementing energy efficiency and carbon credit programs – often under the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms – in their worldwide operations.